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Welcome to Megalong Valley Community and Landowners Association Web Site

The Megalong Valley Community and Landowners Association Inc was established on 17th July 2019, following the amalgmation of the Community and Landowners Associations.

There are no set dates for meetings but are held when topical issues affecting all residents are raised. The Association is incorporated.

The Annual General Meeting is normally held in winter each year

The Megalong Valley Annual General Meeting is usually held in winter each year

New Members Welcome
Objectives of the Association are;
  1. Develop a united community voice on such issues as commercial developments, roads, communications and matters relating to the enhancement of life in Megalong Valley and represent the views of the community to the relevant authorities

  2. Working for the preservation of the rural atmosphere of Megalong Valley.

  3. Organising and promoting various local cultural, sporting, social and recreational functions and events.

  4. Working for the maintenance and improvement of the various community facilities.

  5. Conduct fundraising activities to ensure the association can meet its objectives

Online Membership Application Form

PDF Membership Application Form

New Fox Trapping Workshop Blue Mountains - Friday 21 February 2020 - Time: 10.00am - 3.30pm click HERE to book

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has engaged professional trapper Mark Lamb to demonstrate best practice methods in the identification and trapping of foxes.
Foxes are a known predator for both native wildlife and livestock and can cause major damage in our local area.
Topics covered will include:

  • Trapping equipment including soft-jaw and cage traps

  • Trap site selection

  • Equipment preparation

  • Identifying signs of foxes

  • Trap setting

  • Use of decoys/lures

  • Inspecting/running traps and humane disposal

Numbers are limited and online registration is essential. Visit for full details and registration.

Please note, this event is not suitable for children. Part of the event will be held outdoors, and attendees must have a reasonable level of fitness and be able to walk on uneven surfaces.

Fox Trapping Flyer

Contact Angela Maier | Senior Land Services Officer, T: (02) 4724 2127 E: for additional information.

Update January 2020 Proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has decided not to proceed with the lease application in its current form.

A total of 1582 submissions were made, with more than 85 per cent opposing the application and only 13 per cent in support or offering conditional support.

The department has advised FlyBlue that a revised application may be considered if commercial helicopter flights were removed from the application. The department has also advised FlyBlue to consider further community engagement with the community to reach a balanced approach to the management of the concerns expressed during the submission period.

FlyBlue has been advised that their current licence to operate the site will cease on 28 February 2020. A new licence that prohibits helicopter flights will be issued at that time.

A Summary report identifying key themes from the consultation process has been developed by the department and is available for download.

Update December 2019 Megalong Uniting Church

A meeting was held on 8th December 2019 with concerned residents from Megalong to discuss the future of the Uniting Church. Follwing is some of the issues that were discussed at the meeting;

  • - Strongly expressed consensus that the Church grounds and ideally its buildings be maintained as a 'Sacred Site' of the community

  • - If the buildings proved too expensive to maintain, at the very least maintain as community memorial garden

  • - Formation of a community committee, lead by Christine and Lesley as deputy

  • - Commitment to assuming (unofficial) responsibility for basic maintenance including cleaning (lifting responsibility from the Blackheath church community)

  • - Plan to hold a working bee in January with aim to remove scrub saplings/garden cleanup. Date to be confirmed, on either 11/12th or 18/19th

  • - Investigation of deteriorating church hall roof, test for asbestos

  • - Suggestion to install a display of historical photographs of the Church in the main building, based at least in part on the set of photos Christine shared at the meeting, plus any that might in the hands of the Uniting Church organisation etc

  • - Suggestion Church could be used for weddings, maybe in conjunction with receptions held at the vineyards, with a request for a donation towards upkeep [Christine will contact vineyards to gauge interest]

  • - Question about toilet, current long drop in ok condition but not ideal if church used for functions

  • - Possibility raised of using school toilet facilities if function held at church.

Pest Control in Megalong Valley

Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GS LLS) have printed a Megalong flyer detailing the pest and animal work completed this year in the Megalong Valley and surrounding areas Copy of Megalong Flyer. These programs are critical in ensuring feral pigs and other pests remain under control and everyone within the community takes part in order to achieve a broad scale approach to pest and animal management.

If you would like any more information or have any other questions in regards to the attached flyer or following topics;

  • Would like to be loaned a feral pig cage trap

  • Need access to pig feed (boiled wheat and molasses)

  • Would like to be loan a wildlife camera for use on your property

  • Are having problems with foxes, feral pigs, rabbits, deer or wild dogs

Please do not hesitate to contact Annalise, Senior Biosecurity Officer,Greater Sydney Local Land Services, T: 02 4724 2134 | M: 0429 072 347 | E:

Linda has also asked to have a meeting with Megalong Valley residents to discuss updating the Megalong Valley Weed Management Operational Plan in November/December 2019.

Update 22-10-19   Mobile Base Station for Megalong Valley
Visionstream has advised the consultation report for the Megalong Valley has been finalised. A copy of the report is available MV Phone Tower Consultation Report

Vision Stream has advised that it is envisaged that the Mobile Tower will be operational in November 2019.

Further enquiries can be made to Daniel Park from Vsion Stream who can be reached Ph 1300 745 210 or you can email him at

The tower will initially only be able to be accessed by Telstra customers, however over time other carriers may choose to put their equipment on it.

Update  NSW Local Land Services (Formerly LHPA or Rural Protection Board)

LLS strongly recommends using Feral Scan App on your smart phone as the information is fed back to them so they can allocate resources to meet increased levels of feral activity.
Android Feral Scan App or downlod the from the Apple ITunes store alternative using Feral Scan website to record any sightings of feral animals even tracks, scats or wallows.

They also recommend Pests Smart website has a lot of useful information.

Additional information on LLS is available at the bottom of this page

Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub
is a community-led initiative to improve preparedness, planning and safety for animals and their owners animals in emergency situations. More information can be accessed on there website Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub

A simple checklist on what to do to protect your animals during emergencies is available for download Checklist plan for animals during emergency. Also available is a list of links to assist with preparation for disaster planning for all types of animals Disaster information for protection of animals during emergencies

NSW Local Land Services (Formerly LHPA or Rural Protection Board)

Introduction of Local Land Services staff/projects

Annaliese Geddes is a Senior Biosecurity Officer with Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GS LLS). GS LLS has previously worked with many landholders in the Megalong Valley area over the last few years on both weed issues and pest issues (wild dogs and feral pigs) in coordination with Central Tablelands LLS. Alison Towerton is a Senior Strategic Land Services Officer and we are looking at holding a workshop in early May 2019.
You can contact Annaliese T: 02 4724 2134 | F: 02 4724 2198 | M: 0429 072 347 | E:

Also Eric Mahony recently commenced with the Central Tablelands Local Land Services in the Lithgow Office, as a Land Services Officer, working with Huw Evans. His contact details are as follows; T: 02 6350 3113 | F: 6352 2326 M: email

Local Land Services is a new way to deliver services, information and advice to farmers and landowners in rural and regional NSW.

Megalong Valley BMCC LGA is within the Greater Sydney Local Land Service Region with offices in Penrith Ph 1300 795 299,Address: Level 4, 2-6 Station Street, Penrith NSW 2750 Postal: PO BOX 4515, Westfield Penrith 2750, Phone: (02) 4725 3050 Fax: (02) 4725 3088

Whilst Megalong Valley Lithgow LGA is in Central Tablelands Ph 1300 795 299, 3 Ordnance Avenue, PO Box 3109 Bowenfels NSW 2790, Lithgow NSW 2790 Ph: 02 6350 3110, Fax: 02 6352 2326

Regionally-based, Local Land Services will consist of semi-autonomous statutory organisations, governed by locally elected and skills-based Board members.

Local Land Services Local Boards will represent local priorities and report to a State Board of Chairs. All are accountable to the Minister for Primary Industries.

Local Land Services brings together:

  • Livestock Health and Pest Authorities

  • Catchment Management Authorities

  • Some advisory services of the Department of Primary Industries.

Local Land Services will deliver integrated agricultural industry advice, bio-security and natural resource management functions, and give greater accountability, improved governance and more ownership to landholders. More Information